Here you will find odd bits of news etc.

1a) News from the band (BADOTSA); in October 2018 they will be sending a contingent of about 25 band personnel (plus supporters) to participate in events on the 'George Cross' awarded island of MALTA.

1b) BADOTSA was in the Lord Mayor's Show on TV, November 2017

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NB  This clip and six different ones can be found and watched by clicking HERE You can also view some photographs taken.

2) ***130th Anniversary 1886/2016 - 5th London Company*** My old Company reached the milestone of 130 years of continuous service to boys in the City Road/Old Street area of Central London.


3)***Old News (08/11/2014)*** Video/TV footage of 70+ members of The Bugles & Drums of The Stedfast Association who made their third appearance in this years annual Lord Mayor's Show Parade in the City of London, on Saturday 8th November 2014.

Click the arrow of the photo below to see the bands appearance and my greetings to them!

2014 Lord Mayor's Show- Return Parade
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4) (Updated 08/01/2015) I know BADOTSA would also welcome interest from potential new band members aged 18+, especially 'buglers' for future events both in the UK and overseas too! See Band web site for contact details etc. If you are of the age but perhaps played other genre instruments (pipes, fife, woodwind etc) and fancy being part of a large marching band; why not contact the band regardless, because there might be scope to incorporate you into the band so that new marches could be explored.

5) ****Old News**** - Following an e-mail exchange I get to meet up with former London BB Boy - musician Rick Wakeman (see Letter / Photos).

) Whilst Debs (my wife) and I were on our then latest cruise (September 2011 - P&O Azura), When we docked at Gibraltar I took the opportunity of doing a bit of promotional work whilst visiting the shops etc in the town centre by wearing my self created 'Stedfast' logo'd shirt (London Stedfast on front and Bugles & Drums of The Stedfast Association on the back) : -

ps -  the t-shirt has since made its final appearance on our cruise holidays due to fading; and has since been confined to the refuse bin, as it wore out!