Welcome to this new page!

On this page I hope to put photographs of BB Folk I know (or have met along the way) taken at special events or venues or with famous people. However, even if I don't know you and you have a photo or photos that meet the criteria below, then please also send to me.

I'm not seeking photos of a BB Company, but you as an individual, during your time in the BB, if possible (in uniform would be brilliant, also an approximate date/year if you can recall it)!  

So for example in 'Our BB Past' is a photo of me taken in uniform playing music at The Royal Albert Hall and in 'Letters/Photos' one taken with old BB Boy - Rick Wakeman (now below too) ......so photos of you at Royal Albert Hall, Blackpool Tower Display etc, at events with Royalty, with film/TV stars, with famous people in general, presentation of DofE Gold, Kings/Queens Badges, or special achievements during your BB time etc.

Orchard Theatre, Dartford - 17/09/2010 

with BB old boy Rick Wakeman